Concierge Service

Car accidents are never pleasant to deal with. That’s what we specialize in! Over the past 40 plus years we have mastered the art. Simply call us to walk you through it step by step. Filing a claim can be confusing and stressful. We will guide you through it. Moreover, we will have your vehicle towed to our facility and make sure you get home safe.
Our after-hours accident assistance hotline number is: 818.523.2600
Call us or text the word “Accident” and the manager on-duty will return your call promptly.

Accident Process

Instead of managing the stress on your own or passing it down to a family member, call us and will manage the situation for you to were you have minimal stress. During the time that your car is at our facility, we will can make rental car arrangements. A car accident should only cause a hiccup, and not change your daily routine.
We will manage the entire process for you and provide extended lifetime warranty. To assure a seamless process, we provide picture of extended damages. For examples, pictures of hidden damaged parts that were damaged by the impact but are not visible until it’s taken apart.

How our process works:

STEP 1: Give us a call as soon as you get a chance. We will like to take picture from the scene of the accident as well as your car.
STEP2: We will guide you through your insurance claim.
STEP 3: We will do a thorough in-house inspection. If your car is not drivable, we will tow your car to our facility.
STEP 4: Once a repair order is assigned, we will get working on your car. Meanwhile, we will assist you with a rental car so that your life is not on pause.